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The ISB has a vibrant research ecosystem owing to the multitude of conferences hosted by different academic areas and Centres of Excellence (CoEs). Dedicated to a three-part agenda – knowledge creation, knowledge dissemination and knowledge to action – the CoEs at the ISB are at the forefront of their chosen research areas. The Centres and academic areas facilitate and advance both basic and applied research by faculty at the ISB by organising both scholarly and industry focussed conferences. The learning from these events is captured in the form of conference proceedings for the participants and other learning enthusiasts.

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Conference ProceedingsGangwar, Manish., Bhargava, Hemant K. "“Pay as you Go” or “All You can Eat”? Pricing Methods for Computing and Information Services", IEEE Computer Society, 2016Srini Raju Centre For IT and The Networked Economy
. "Improving maternal and child health through conditional cash transfers "
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. "ISB prepares model for developing smart cities"Srini Raju Centre For IT and The Networked Economy
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