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The ISB has constantly endeavoured to facilitate teaching excellence and upgrade pedagogy by bringing real-world knowledge into the classroom. One of the important ways it achieves this is through the development of business cases and simulations that enrich understanding of real-life management challenges at every level. In this pursuit, we have partnered with the Richard Ivey School of Business, University of Western Ontario (Ivey), Canada to develop and promote high-quality case studies specific to India and the emerging markets with the support of ISB faculty as well as faculty from other leading B-schools worldwide.

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Cases Venkatesh, Bhagyalakshmi; Pithawalla, Mehernosh; Trivedi, Suruchi . "Godrej Security Solutions Ltd: Moving Consumers to Action", 2015Centre for Learning and Management PracticeRead Description >Close >Issues: Communication strategy, integrated marketing communication, category development, brand building
Disciplines: ​Marketing,  International
Industries: Other Services
Setting: India, Large, 2013
Length: 11 pages
Intended Audience: MBA/Postgraduate
Publication Date: April 27, 2015

Godrej Security Solutions (GSS) offered both physical security products (such as safes, lockers, etc.) and electronic security products (such as cameras with analytics, closed circuit television, biometric and access control systems, burglar alarms, etc.). Although homeowners were evidently worried about their security, they were typically passive and reactive — as opposed to proactive — in addressing the problem. GSS had launched two effective advertising campaigns; however, continuing to communicate the importance of security solutions and converting this buyer inertia to action was fundamental to its ongoing success. What should the company’s communication strategy be?

Learning Objective:
Students should develop an understanding of the following concepts:
  • Identifying an untapped market with growth potential and developing a category to address the latent/unmet needs of consumers.
  • The importance of integrated marketing communications in changing customer mindset through effective communication programs.
  • Measuring the impact of communication using different objectives such as reach, likability, brand preferences, purchase intentions, brand credibility and overall brand perceptions.
  • Shifts in communication strategies while maintaining brand consistency.

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CasesAlur, Sivakumar., Ramachandran, Kavil., Bhatnagar, Navneet. "Leadership Succession at Achal : A Tough Nut to Crack", Harvard Business Publishing, 2015Thomas Schmidheiny Centre for Family EnterpriseRead Description >Close >Giridhar Prabhu, the owner of Achal Industries, a four-decade-old cashew processing and exporting, proprietary family enterprise plans to retire in the next five years but is dealing with succession challenges. His three daughters were not interested in pursuing the business. Prabhu knows that he will not be able to manage the business on his own for long. He was contemplating future options that included convincing one of his daughters to rethink her decision or inducting professional non-family members to steer the enterprise’s future or selling the business. He was in a dilemma on choosing an option that would be good for him, his enterprise, and his family.

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