Research Seminars

Researchers from around the world present their cutting-edge work at the ISB as often as once a week. Members of the ISB community from different disciplines attend these presentations, which makes for some lively discussion. Anyone interested in attending is welcome but is requested to contact the organiser first.

Economics and Public PolicyDo Criminal Representatives Hinder or Improve Constituency Outcomes? Evidence from India July 18, 2014 | Fri | 15:00Open to PublicThe recent increase in the number of criminally accused politicians elected to state assemblies in India has caused much furor READ MORE
StrategyThriving innovation amidst manufacturing decline: The Detroit auto cluster and the stickiness of local knowledge July 17, 2014 | Thu | 11:31Open to PublicThis paper uses a comprehensive dataset of 35 years of patenting activity in the U.S. to analyze the READ MORE
Economics and Public PolicyFinancial Incentives and the Fertility-Sex Ratio Trade-off July 11, 2014 | Fri | 15:00Open to PublicLower fertility can translate into a more male-biased sex ratio at birth if son preference is persistent and READ MORE
Customers’ Social Media Participation and Business Value for Firms: An Empirical InvestigationJuly 11, 2014 | Fri | 12:30For ISB CommunityProf. Ram Bezawada, will present a talk on Customers’ Social Media Participation and Business Value for Firms. READ MORE
Economics and Public PolicyAssessing the Impact of Farmer Field Schools on Fertilizer Use in China: Evidence from an RCT July 05, 2014 | Sat | 15:00Open to PublicIn China, a major agricultural challenge is the suboptimal use of fertilizer and the environmental effects associated with overuse. READ MORE
Informal Monitoring and Enforcement Mechanisms in Public Service Delivery: Evidence from the Public Distribution System in India July 04, 2014 | Fri | 15:00Open to PublicThis paper shows that social networks provide informal monitoring and enforcement servicesthat can curb READ MORE
Organisational BehaviourOrganisational Behavior Seminar, Talk by Prof. Ravi S Gajendran, Assistant Professor of Business Administration, College of Business, University of Illinois. Urbana ChampaignJune 13, 2014 | Fri | 11:30For ISB CommunityDoes communicating over email influence persistence and performance on subsequent tasks? READ MORE
FinanceVenture Capital - An OverviewMarch 28-29, 2014By InvitationVenture capital is an important source of financing, particularly for young and new ventures. READ MORE
Economics and Public PolicyFriend or foe or family? A tale of formal and informal plants in India March 28, 2014 | Fri | 15:00Open to PublicThis paper examines the interaction between formal (organized) and informal (unorganized) plants in the manufacturing sector in India READ MORE
Bharti Institute Research Seminar: Selection, Tournaments, and DishonestyMarch 14, 2014 | Fri | 15:00Open to PublicWe conduct a real effort experiment in which performance is not monitored and participants are paid according to their reported performance. READ MORE
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